Yoga Session

Indigo is a yoga and art studio for EVERY body.  We celebrate diversity and inclusion. 

If you are...

a newbie
a yogi
overweight or out of shape
black and proud
so white you say gosh darn
an immigrant 
a truck driving man
disabled or differently abled
aged or "seasoned"
a veteran
an addict 
anxious or depressed
heavily inked
free spirited
closed minded
or if you don't know who you are yet...

We welcome you to yoga and art with open hearts.

Buddha Statue

John Hopkins University reports that yoga improves strength and flexibility and decreases back pain. Yoga also decreases arthritis pain and increases heart health and mindfulness.  Yoga relaxes you, improves sleep, and can boost your mood.  Yoga also helps decrease stress and anxiety and offers a community of people who support one another.




The Mental Health Foundation reports that making art benefits mental health by having people express themselves without using words.  Creating art offers a sense of community and helps relieve anxiety, depression and stress.  Art can also improve problem solving skills, spatial awareness, and improve cognitive ability. 

Our Schedule

EVERY body welcome.  All levels welcome in all classes.

Monday Restorative Yoga 11am
             Chair Yoga 12:30pm
             Flow Yoga 6:30pm

Tuesday Yoga Nidra Guided Meditation 6:00pm

Wednesday Chair Yoga 10am
                  Yin Yoga 12pm

Thursday Relaxation Yin Yoga 6pm

Saturday Flow Yoga 10am


Online Learning.

Contact Us

Please contact us for more information on existing yoga and art services, booking private parties and events, adding services to suit your needs, or showing/selling artwork.

128 South Main Street, Moultrie, GA 31768

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